Once connected to QuickBooks, you’ll see a new action button on ARTERNAL's transactions page. You may click this button to sync an invoice to QuickBooks.

You will be notified of the sync’s progress through notifications in the top right of your screen.

Sync failures are possible. Future updates will bring more detailed error reporting to help you remedy the problem.

Other ways to sync and update

Syncing is also possible from the invoice edit page on ARTERNAL, in the bottom left corner. Make sure that a contact has been added to the invoice before syncing (otherwise the sync option will be unavailable).

If an invoice has been synced already, you may update the invoice by repeating the sync.

From the invoice edit page:

On the transaction list page, an invoice can be updated by clicking the same sync button. Some new information will display in the payment status column, notifying you of the last synced date.

Tax on the invoice

If there is tax on the invoice, ARTERNAL will ask you which QB tax agency you would like to use. Select the agency most relevant to the shipping address in the tax agency popup:

If you’re not sure how to add a tax agency to QB for the given address, make sure to click the “Find out how to add it” link on the popup.


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