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How to use Smart Replies (Mass/Batch Replies)
How to use Smart Replies (Mass/Batch Replies)
This feature is meant to make it easier to send multiple smart mail replies all at once.
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With the new Selection Mode, you can perform batch actions such as Add to Smart Mail Group, Reply to Selected, and Create New Smart Mail.

How to get to selection mode:

  1. In the Mail tab, in the left-hand bar, select Smart Mail. You can also follow the same steps to create batch replies in Smart Mail Groups, just select the group you would like to create a reply in.

2. In Smart Mail, select the desired subject line you would like to batch reply to. This will direct you to the pipeline view.

3. In the pipeline view, if you would like to select all the mail in a column, select the checkmark on that column. If you would like to deselect specific mail, you can do so by clicking on that mail.

4. In the bottom bar, select the Reply To Selected button.

5. You will then be directed to the Smart Mail Template.

For this article, we'll focus on the 2 types of Reply:

Template Reply and Personalized Reply

Template Reply

This is the first reply window you will see when you hit “Reply to Selected” in the selection bar:

With this view, it showcases that this template will be applied to all emails sent to all contacts that are added to this smart mail.

Personalized Reply

A personalized reply happens when you click one of the contacts on the left side of the template reply window

You will see the template is still there, but all changes you apply now (while contact is selected) is personalized for this contact only. When you send, only this selected contact will received the personalized email.

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