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How to scan a card - IOS
How to scan a card - IOS

The ARTERNAL app allows you to scan contact/business cards, rather than manually adding contacts.

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In our mobile app, users can create a new contact my scanning a business card, and it saves the time to manually enter contact information.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. In the ARTERNAL mobile or iPad app, in the bottom menu bar, select Contacts. In the top-left corner of the contacts page, select the scan icon, and scan the card.

Or, you can first select Create New Contact, and in the New Contact page, select the scan icon. You will be able to choose either directly scan the business card or upload a photo from the camera roll.

2. Once the photo is uploaded, the app will automatically fill out the contact information. You can edit it as desired. After that, click Done to save the contact.

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