Live lists are a way to save Contact searches for easy access to filtered contacts. Unlike static lists, live lists are dynamically populated, and they automatically update themselves as you add more contacts into ARTERNAL.

You can create live lists by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Contacts tab.

  2. Select the search bar, then select your preferred criteria for filtration. In this example, we will filter by Tags.

3. From the list of tags, select the desired tag. In this example, we select Budget $20,000.

4. The contacts will then be filtered to those with the Tags set as Budget $20,000. Then, select Save as Live List.

5. Enter the desired name of your live list, then select if you would like to keep the live list Public or Private. Public live lists can be viewed by anyone in your organization, while Private live lists can only be Viewed by you. Then, select Save.

6. To access your live list, select Live in the left-hand banner. Select the intended live list to display the filtered contacts.

7. To edit a live list, click the "Edit Live List" button at the top. Then add or delete filters as desired.

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