In the contact selection cart, you can add contacts to a list, send smart mails, merge contacts, add tags to multiple contacts, and archive contacts in batch. Here's how to use the contact selection cart.

  • Video tutorial available HERE.

1. To add a contact into the selection cart, click on the check box next to the contact.

Or, you can click into the contact's information page, and then click on the check box.

2. To browse contact information before adding to the selection cart, click on other areas in the contract row. The information window will pop up.

3. To deselect a contact, click on either their avatar the selection cart or the check box in the grid.

Or, you can click into the contact information page, and click on the checkbox to deselect.

4. The action items in the selection cart include: add the contacts to list, add tags to the contacts, email the contacts, and archive the contacts. When there are only 2 contacts in the cart, you can also merge the contacts.

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