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In "Contacts", there are a number of filters to help you quickly find the contacts you want. Here's how to do it:

Click Contacts > Show Filters. All the filters are divided into three categories: Identification, Date, and Location.

In terms of identification filters, this example is filtering contacts via tags. Two tags are selected in the screenshot, and users can choose among "All", "Any", and "Not". "All" means the filtered contacts have both tags; "Any" means the filtered contacts have either or both tags; and "Not" excludes the contacts with these two tags.

In terms of date filters, you can either choose a date range or a time period (today, a week, two week, etc.). You can also choose among "Since" and "Not Since". In this example, "Since" returns contacts created within the last two weeks, and "Not Since" returns all the contacts created before two weeks ago.

In terms of location filters, you can filter contacts by their city/address/country/state.

You can always apply multiple filters by clicking on the "+" and "-" signs. For example, in the screenshot below, I am filtering out contacts with a cold lead status, created in the past year, and located in Australia.

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