Video tutorial HERE.

In our recent release, we changed the view in "Contacts", by merging the previously called "Basic List View" and "Detailed List View" into one view. The new view combines the advantages of both previous views, and it saves the trouble for users to switch back and forth between views.

  1. To choose which columns to display, hover your curser over the header > click on the icon with three lines > select/deselect the columns you would like to display. Your choice of columns will stay when you open "Contacts" in the future.

2. To change the order of these columns, simply drag and move. The new order will stay when you open "Contacts" in the future.

3. To sort contacts by a certain column, click on its header to choose between ascending/descending order. The new sorting will stay when you click into other contact tabs/lists, and it will be back to the default order when you toggle away from the "Contacts" page and come back.

4. To the right of each row, there are 3 icons which allow you to quickly edit the contact's tags, add to a contact list, and create a smart mail, respectively.

5. You can click on the top left corner of the grid to select all contacts, or all of your filtered/search results.

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