When you click into a contact, there are multiple tabs in the profile. Here is a quick guide for these tabs.

HERE is a short video on how to click through different contact profiles.

1. The first tab is Timeline. It automatically puts together all the email and transaction activities related to this contact.

You can click on the subheader or the More Filters button on the right to view specific activities, such as email exchange or when a work is sold to this contact.

2. The second tab is Notes. This is for any internal notes about this contact to share across your team. If you would like to add a new note, click on Add Note on the top right.

3. The third tab is Inbox. This tab shows all the incoming emails from this contact.

4. The next tab is Tasks. This is a to-do list for this contact. To create a new task, click on Add Task on the top right corner.

5. The Invoice tab shows all the invoices related to this contact. It can help you to confirm if you need to send out any unsent invoices, follow up on any unpaid invoices, and more.

6. In the Docs tab, you can upload any document related to this contact.

7. The Inventory tab shows you any inventories that is in association with this contact.

This data is pulled from the Associations section in inventory.

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