On Aryel there are 5 campaign types (Marker, Face, Geolocation, Surface, Image), each with different peculiarities.

Here you can find a complete list of what you can (or cannot) do in every campaign 👇

Campaign type

What you can do

What you can’t do


  • Use an icon (= extremely simple image) as a trigger. Please follow these guidelines when choosing your marker.

  • If needed, the trigger can be incorporated into the QR code that allows you to access the campaign.

  • Use the pointer to interact with the objects.

  • You can’t use complex images (like pictures) as a trigger

  • You can’t tap on objects to interact with them


  • Use complex images as a trigger. Please follow these guidelines when choosing your image.

  • Multitracking: multiple triggers can activate simultaneously

  • Tap on objects to interact with them

  • The QR code and the trigger must be two different elements


  • No need for triggers, the object will be placed on any flat or upright surface

  • 3D objects only (no video, images, sound)

  • You can’t interact with the animations of those objects.

  • An object containing one or more animations is going to loop as the scene starts.

  • Only one object per campaign


  • Use geographic coordinates as a trigger

  • Decide how far from the trigger the experience will start

  • Relying on the GPS signal of our user is risky, it won’t be an accurate placement of the object


  • Use a human face as a trigger

  • Interact with the campaign by facial expressions (mouth open/close, eyes open/close, etc)

  • You can’t tap on the screen to interact with the campaign

  • It’s hard to get the correct scaling of the objects, each OS has its own

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