On the Aryel platform, you can easily upload videos to make your WebAR campaigns shine.

However, there are some best practices we recommend when it comes to choosing the format:


👉 Aryel supports both WebM and MP4, but choose MP4 for a better performance.

👉 An MP4 video with H.264 Video Codec & AAC Audio Codec is supported by every major browser. Hence we strongly recommend the video to be in this format to get a seamless WebAR experience.

👉 Best resolution for videos is HD 1280 x 720 - they're good quality and a perfect size to provide a smooth experience even to older devices and weaker internet connections.


👉 Avoid full HD and 4K videos: they're usually pretty heavy, and they might slow down the whole experience on your users' side, above all with iOS users.

👉 Avoid uploading individual video files which are more than 40 MB

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