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About Aryel pricing plan
About Aryel pricing plan
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Aryel offers different pricing plans based on enterprises' needs. We are pretty sure you'll find the perfect plan to suit your needs and boost engagement and sales with powerful AR campaigns from day one.

Useful Definitions

Active Campaigns

The number of up and running campaigns connected to your account that you can have simultaneously.

Custom branding

The opportunity to 100% customize a product or a service with the customer’s logo and brand identity.


The third-party tools can be connected to a specific platform to enhance the use and save time for the user.


Scenes are the core of every AR experience: they build the whole experience’s structure, and users can navigate them randomly or in a storytelling mode.

The available number of individual users who have access to your account. The number and access level of seats depends on which plan you choose.


The image or place, recognized by the algorithm, which launches the AR experience.


The single view a user performs while interacting with your AR experience. A single user can open several views, therefore, the number of users can never be greater than the number of sessions.

Types of Aryel plans

You can change your plan at any time on your account’s billing page. Please see below a list of features for each plan.


Our Free plan is ideal for AR newbies and has everything you need to start creating your AR campaign for free.

The Free plan includes unlimited draft campaigns and up to 150MB of storage on the Media Library.

Here are a few of the features the Free plan offers.

  • 30,000 AR-ready 3D models

  • 100+ free campaigns templates

  • Multiple Assets in Scene

  • Scenes Management

  • Multiple Triggers

  • Free Aryel Domain & HTTPS (SSL)

  • 1 seat, with Owner permissions

  • Self-Service Knowledge Base

Also, it doesn't require a credit card!


(74€ /month or 39€/mo when billed annualy)

The Pro plan is the best choice for those who want to create and publish professional WebAR campaigns.

The base price includes Commercial License, 10 Active Campaigns, 2.5k Monthly Views, and much more.

The features that come with the Pro plan, are everything included in Free, plus:

  • 10 active WebAR Campaigns

  • Commercial licenses

  • Up to 2.5K Views / Month included

  • Custom Branding

  • Media Library up to 1GB

  • Personalized Slug URL

  • 1 Custom Domain

  • Basic Reports & KPIs

  • Goal and Conversions

  • Real-Time Analytics

  • Standard Email & Chat Support

  • Power-Ups


Aryel helps all types of enterprises to create engaging Augmented Reality campaigns for their Marketing Mix. And all our Enterprise plan comes with the following benefits:

  • Unlimited active campaigns

  • 10k monthly views

  • Access to Premium Content

  • Up to 10GB Media Library

  • Ability to Remove "Powered by Aryel" Badge

  • Ability to Remove Aryel's logo from the QR Code

  • Downloadable Reports

  • 10 Seats

  • Self Service Knowledge Base

  • Dedicated Key Account Manager

  • Onboarding & Setup

  • Priority Email & Chat Support

E-Commerce: (Starting at 249€ per month)

Convey the true value of your products with a try before you buy AR experiences.

Popular Features:

  • Product Visualization

  • Virtual Try-On

  • AR/3D Embed Viewer

Offline: (Starting at 149€ per month)

A brand new way to do offline to online marketing campaigns, and to be memorable.

Popular Features:

  • Interactive Print

  • Packaging

  • Treasure Hunts

CRM: (Starting at 329€ per month)

From collecting to nurturing and retention, AR is the new frontier of CRM.

Popular Features:

  • Quizzes & Surveys

  • Landing Pages

  • Minigames

Advertising: (TBD)

Outperform your Advertisement creatives with the power of 3D and Augmented Reality.

Popular Features:

  • Inline 3D/AR Banner

  • Overlay 3D/AR Popup

  • 3D Video Content

Check the comparison table for more info about the features included in each Enterprise plan.

Please get in touch with us by filling out this form if you're interested in an Enterprise custom plan.

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