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How to visualize your own 3D avatar in AR?
How to visualize your own 3D avatar in AR?
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With the Metaverse being the talk of the town lately, the need for many companies and users to create their own 3D avatars raised. From augmented business cards to the Metaverse and even NFT, 3D custom avatars are a true necessity for many.

How to create it in Aryel?

A banner in the Aryel dashboard will give you access to a experience, where you can create, customize and download your own 3D avatar, ready to be used in the Aryel platform.

Here is the banner:

When you click on 'Create now' a new window will open and it will guide you through the avatar creation process. The process is intuitive & self-explanatory.

Here are some screenshots for your quick reference:

💡 Quick tip: If you create your avatar starting from a picture:

  • Make sure your photo is well-lit. Dark photos will reduce the ability to define your avatar features well.

  • Keep it casual. Smiling may be tempting, but think “driver’s license photo"

🔥 Please note: Once the avatar is ready, you can decide whether you prefer to create a account - to be able to save your avatar in the account and recall it at any time - or proceed to the 3D model download with no account creation.

The model obtained is instantly ready for use in Aryel. 🚀 Here is a sample screenshot:

3D Avatar in Aryel Builder
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