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Ways your customers can make payments through Ascend

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Accepted Payment Methods

Ascend supports multiple purchase methods for your clients to select at checkout. By default, these are Card and ACH.

⚠️ NOTE: Ascend does not accept check payments of any kind. ⚠️

Wire is also available upon request. Please contact us at to inquire about the wire payment method. Please note that this may come at an additional transaction fee cost to your agency.

ACH payments have a processing timeline of 3 to 5 business days (not including weekends and bank holidays).

During the processing time, Ascend is not in possession of the customer's funds, and processing payments are NOT considered successful until Ascend receives the funds into our account.

Ascend does not have the authority to expedite the processing time of the banking system, even in urgent situations. If your customer requires funds urgently, we suggest that they make the payment via card, which typically takes less than a minute to process.

Why This Matters:

Clients may require their certificate of insurance immediately, and in such cases, paying via Credit Card may be preferred over ACH due to the processing time associated with the latter method. By disabling ACH for such clients in advance, we can prevent a situation where the coverage has been bound, but the payment doesn't clear. This not only provides greater flexibility to clients but also ensures that the payment process is smooth and efficient.

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