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Add new partner retail agencies to your Ascend Dashboard

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What You'll Learn

  • What is an Account in Ascend?

  • What info you need to set them up

  • Step-by-Step set up instructions

  • Updating Account information after it's created

Account (Retail Agencies Partners)

In the Ascend platform, an Account is a retail agency your organization works with to sell policies.

Each policy sold needs to be housed under a specific Account, and this account will receive the related commission and use the Ascend payment links to make payments to your MGA (for agency bill policies).

Required Account Info

Before creating an account for a new agency in your Ascend dashboard, you'll nee to know whether the agency will be set up to sell policies as Direct Bill or Agency Bill.

  • Direct bill is a policy being billed directly to the insured. For Direct Bill policies, the insured will be making payment directly to your MGA.

    • Ascend will pay commissions to the agency account after payment is collected.

  • Agency bill is a policy being billed through a retail agency on behalf of the insured. For agency bill policies, the agency will be collecting payment and paying your organization.

    • Ascend will collect payment from agency of premium minus commission.

In addition to Billing Type, you'll also need the following info to set up a new account in the Ascend dashboard:

  • Agency name

  • Business phone

  • Mailing address

  • Business contact (Access will be granted to view the account’s programs and set up banking details)

    • First & last name

    • Email

  • Billing type (Agency bill or Direct bill)

  • Default commission % (can be overridden at policy level)

Step-by-Step Instructions

The following steps are completed by your MGA team:

  1. Click the +New account button on the top right corner of the page

  2. Enter all known details; Required details are marked by the red asterisk * by each field

  3. Click Create account on the top right corner to save the new account

The Account should now be searchable and visible on the Accounts page.

At this step, the Account will need to complete the set up from their side by logging into to enter their Business & Bank Details.

Ascend cannot pay commission to agency accounts who have not yet completed their Business & Bank Details.

Updating Existing Account Details

Making changes to the Account details may be done by 3 parties:

  1. The MGA team

  2. The Account (retail agency) team

  3. Ascend Support Team

Please locate the detail that needs to be updated below and proceed accordingly:

You can update the following Account details through your dashboard:

  • Business Contact

    • First & last name

    • Email

  • Commission percentage

  • Account fee

  • Payment schedule

  • Number of days for grace period

The Agency can update the following Account details through their dashboard:

  • Bank account details

Because there are compliance related checks connected to the following account details, the Ascend Support Team will assist with any updates related to:

You can reach our Support Team at

  • Agency address

  • Tax Identification Number/FEIN

  • Phone

  • Website

  • Business type (LLC, sole proprietorship, etc.)

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