We want everyone to build a Character that represents them. One they feel comfortable in. Go wild, go reserved, go colorful, go modern - whatever you feel best fits you, do it!

Upon First Entry

We will randomize a character for you when you first log in but the canvas is yours. Please adjust clothing as you see fit 🙏 .

*Characters do not have identifiable genders, but you can choose clothes to match however you'd like to express yourself. Body types are selected based on the SHIRT or TOP that you wear.

To update your look in app, select the 'Change clothes' option in the left side menu to open our character customizer. Want rainbow hair because you've never dyed your own? Check. Antler ears? Check. Options include: skin tone, hair type/color, tops, bottoms, hats, accessories and more (did someone say Batman cape? 🦇 We've got that too.)

Make sure after setting up your avatar you remember to Save your new look!

First thing to do is Click your Character in the World!

Select "Character & Clothing" and get ready to be your best self!

Just remember when you're finished to "Save" !

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