We use Slack to get work done too! When we need to meet, ask a quick question, say hello for a bit, and exist in a world together, we use the SoWork integration for Slack.

Your virtual HQ is no more than a /sowork meet away. Let's show you how it's done.


1. Open Integrations from the left side menu and select 'Install' on Slack - Room Links

2. Slack will open a permissions screen. Click 'Allow'. This will allow you to use SoWork specific slash commands.

3. SoWork will reroute you to a confirmation page. This means it is now integrated with Slack!

4. Head to Slack and try it out! enter /sowork for the slash command options:

  • meet: will create a join link to a room you specify in your SoWork space. Anyone who clicks will teleport there

  • login: will take you to your SoWork login screen

  • help: will provide useful tips on how to use the integration

5. Send links whenever you want! (This is what you should see when you /sophya meet after you've logged in.)

🥳 Why would you want do this?

Maybe typing something out would lose something in translation. Or maybe talking things through would bring faster understanding. Either way, there are just some times where being face to face (at least virtually) is the right way to communicate.

Spinning up links quickly in Slack allows you to seamlessly switch between the two to improve your work communication.

If this didn't solve your problem, reach out to us by clicking the smile icon in the right corner of this page! Or submit a feature request here!

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