Welcome to SoWork! You're here...but where is everyone else? Let's help you find who you're looking for.


First, let's see if the person you're looking for is in the Room with you. Open the menu in the top left and scroll through the 'In Room' list

If they are, use the +/- buttons to zoom out and locate them

You can walk to them by using your arrow keys, or your mouse. Clicking near them will guide your avatar there. OR, you click the [...] menu next to their name in the 'In Room' list and select [Go To] and your avatar will walk to the person.

If they are not in the Room, ask what location they are in, or share yours. You can find where you are next to your locator pin in the top left. Here, I'm in the Modern Office.

Then teleport to the Room they are in by clicking on the locator pin and selecting the correct room.

โœจ If this didn't solve your problem, reach out to us by clicking the smile icon in the right corner of this page! Or submit a feature request here!

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