You want to just "share your screeeen" so let us help.


1. Screen share is only available when you are in a video conversation with someone else. Walk up to someone and you'll notice the screen share icon 'turn on' in the bottom right menu.

2. Select the screen or window you would like to share:

2b. You may need to grant permissions on a Mac if this is the first time screen sharing with Chrome or SoWork. Head to System Preferences >> Security & Privacy >> Screen Recording, and then check the box next to Chrome and the SoWork app (if you're using the app.)

3. Once you share your screen, you'll see what you're sharing in a video tile that will appear under your own video.

Here's what that looks like from the audience's perspective:

Why screen share?

Maybe you've got an awesome presentation to share. Or a cute pic of your cat. Or an extremely important code snippet. Either way, SoWork empowers you to show what you want, when you want to.

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