It is now easier than ever to add or delete a room in your Office. Now you can add a tiki bar 🌴 for happy hour, and remove it for your 3 o'clock meeting! 📆


Adding a Room

  1. Open your location menu near your character in the left menu of SoWork

  2. After opening the menu, select "Create New Room"

  3. Here you can select the room you want to add, and optionally give it a unique name! Once you name your space, just click "Add Room" !

    Pretty easy, right? Enjoy your new space! And... when you're ready to delete it just follow the next simple steps!

Deleting a Room

  1. Opening your location menu again, and select the "..." next to the room you want to delete

  2. Select "Delete Room"

  3. Select "Delete Room" to finalize deleting the room

Why would you want to do this?

  • You have an old room your team never uses and it's time to wave goodbye 👋

  • Your team has grown! 🎊 Time to get a bit more space for all your needs!

If this didn't solve your problem, reach out to us by clicking the smile icon in the right corner of this page! Or submit a feature request here!

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