Changing your Default Room is as easy as pie. 🥧 The default room is where your team goes when they first enter your office, and also can't be deleted. If you ever want to delete it, change your Default to a different room first!


  1. First as an Administrator in your private office, select your "location" in the left menu

  2. Open the menu and click the "..." on the room you want to be your new Default

  3. Select "Set as Default Room"

  4. You will see the ⭐ indicator move to show your new default room! Watch it go from the Open Concept Office to the Tiki Bar!

✨Remember that if you want to delete a Default Room you must first make a different room your default!

Why would you want do this?

  • You want to delete your Original Default Room

  • Your team is ready for a change when they come into the Office each day!

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