One of our most requested features is here to stay. You can now record any private meeting and share it with the participants easily!

(We told you it was easy! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

๐Ÿš€ Walkthrough

First, you can only record a private meeting. To learn how to set-up a private meeting, click here!

To easily convert any proximity chat into a Private meeting you first need to select the "meeting" icon in your bottom right menu.

Great! Now that you're in a PM, you can find meeting recording under Emotes and Commands.

Everyone in your PM will be prompted to accept that the meeting will be recorded, and if they don't accept they will be removed from the meeting.

Once you're recording, you will see a small menu above your video tile that will allow you to pause or stop the recording.

When you are finished recording and press stop, you will be prompted to either save or discard your meeting! (Your call, We won't tell!)

After saving, your recording will start to process, and you will receive a few notifications in app to let you know that this process has started, and when you can download it. Either now in app, or later where you will find it in your e-mail!

Why would you want do this?

  • Your team (like ours!) is geographically distributed, meaning not everyone can make every meeting so record away!

  • Some meetings are more important than others and require us to reflect on them, recording makes that so much easier than just note taking.

โœจ If this didn't solve your problem, reach out to us by clicking the smile icon in the right corner of this page! Or submit a feature request here!

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