Keyword Suggest

A free tool to look for new keywords.

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How can Keyword Suggest help you?

🔍 Auto Suggestions are one of the most trusted sources for search queries. Users are more likely to click on the suggestion made by the store.

A Closer Look at Keyword Suggest Features

📊 Select a country, enter a keyword and click "Analyze" to see what suggestions the App Store or Google Play makes.

🧾 You can also see what suggestions the store makes when the user enters multiple characters. To do this, you need to enter a few letters, turn on the "Without space" switch and click "Analyze".

👀 For each suggestion you can see search results, traffic and position of the selected application. Also, you can click on “➕” to add words to Keyword Monitor.

📂 You can see the search history in the "History" tab.

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