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How to Send Product & Tracking Info Without Shopify
How to Send Product & Tracking Info Without Shopify

Here's how to send product / tracking info to influencers without order fulfillment

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In order to send product and tracking information to members without using Shopify, we'll be relying on a CSV sheet to move data between Aspire and order fulfillment.

1. Create a Custom Stage in your Project

To get started, you'll want to make sure you've added a custom stage to your Project. This custom stage can be named something like "Send Box & Tracking Info."

2. Tag Your Members

Once you've added members to your project and they've made it to this new custom stage, you will tag these members in order to indicate that you need to ship to them.

3. Go to Members > Find everyone in the tag you created > Edit Columns

Now that everyone has been tagged, you'll head into your Member List and find everyone in that tag. The reason we are moving out of Projects is because from the Members List you can make adjustments to all of the columns you want to export and then export everyone in one swoop! Make sure the following columns are selected: Address First Name, Address Last Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, and Postal Code.

4. Click File > Download

5. Open CSV in Google Sheets or Excel

From here, you can send the downloaded CSV straight to your fulfillment team. If they aren’t going to send you any tracking info back, then that’s all you need to do if you aren’t sharing tracking info with creators.

But if you are sharing tracking info with creators, two things can happen. Either 1) your fulfillment team will you give you a list of tracking numbers. Or 2) they’re going to give you a CSV with those tracking numbers on it. If they give you a list of tracking numbers, you will open that CSV that you exported from the Aspire to import it into Google Sheets.

6. Make a "Tracking Numbers" column on the Google Sheet

Enter all of the tracking numbers on this sheet. One thing that is really important to note before you export this CSV is that you will want to make sure you haven’t deleted the ID, unique ID, or email column. You’ll want to make sure that you aren’t importing this CSV back into the platform without that information. These are how we make sure you don’t end up with duplicates, so it is a really important step!

Once you have all the tracking info, name, id, etc., save this as a new CSV and go back to the Aspire platform.

7. Import a CSV back into Aspire:

You can now import this new CSV back to Aspire. Use the "Import" button to upload that CSV. You will notice that you don't have a field selected for the tracking number, so you'll want to import it is a new field and click "Free Text." Click Add.

Important: Do not remove the is, uid, or email columns from the sheet prior to performing the upload. Aspire relies on these columns to match member identity, so deleting these columns may cause you to make new members instead of updating existing ones.

8. Tell your members their product is on the way!

Now that tracking codes are uploaded to the Aspire platform, you can easily tell your members that their package is on the way and provide them with their tracking info. Just hit the "Compose" button to bulk message everyone and use the magic wand button to add their tracking code! This will let everyone in that group know that their package is on the way.

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