Aspire offers 4 payout or payment structures, which are set at the Offer level. This part of the offer describes how advertising results are paid for.

Options include:

  • Cost per Click (CPC): Brand wants to pay dollar amount per click. ie: $0.05 per click.

  • Cost per conversion (CPA): Brand wants to pay a fixed dollar amount per conversion. ie: $1 per conversion.

  • Commission per sale (CPS): Brand wants to pay relative to sales generated. This is always a percentage on sales amount, ie: sale is $100, commission is 10%.

  • Cost per Conversion plus Cost per sale (CPA + CPS): Combination of CPA and CPS. This is common when brands want to pay for conversions and treat sales commission as a bonus.

📌 Important Note: If you're not planning to offer commission at this time, you can select Commission per Sale (CPS) and set it to 0%.

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