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Frequently asked questions about Social Listening

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What is Social Listening?

Social Listening allows you to identify people who are mentioning your brand on Instagram. Once you connect your Instagram account, we'll pull in all the mentions of your brand's Instagram handle and add these people to your Social Listening tab under Recruit.

How do I authorize access to my brand's Instagram account?

Check out this article for detailed steps on authorizing your brand's Instagram account for social listening.

What access do you need to our Instagram account?

We request the following read-only permissions:


By giving Aspire access to your Instagram/Facebook Business account, we will not access your password, content, or data. We cannot post from your page, or misuse your account. Aspire does not store or use passwords for authorization.

For more information about the permissions required, please see this article.

What type of Instagram mentions will be pulled in?

Once your brand's Instagram account has been connected to Aspire, we will pull in the following types of mentions:

  • Caption mentions - when your brand's handle is @mentioned in the caption

  • Tagged mentions - when your brand's handle is tagged in the picture

  • Comment mentions - when your brand's handle is @mentioned in a comment

  • Story mentions** - when your brand's handle is @mentioned in a story (sticker mentions are not supported for Stories)

**In order to capture Instagram Story mentions, we now have IG Story Listening which allows to capture estimated metrics for all creators. For additional information, please see this article.

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