Aspire uses TUNE to integrate with Branch to track app installs. Using this integration, you can generate unique links to your members to share to potential customers. You will be able to track if that customer downloads your mobile app, and link that information to your member data.

An App Install or App Download conversion is completed when the customer 1) downloads the app, and 2) opens the app. The conversion is not finished until the app is opened.

Via this integration, you can implement the tracking on both Aspire and Branch dashboards, without the need for a web developer.

First, install HasOffers (a part of TUNE) into Branch. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Ads page on the Branch dashboard.

  2. Select Partner Management from the sidebar.

  3. Search for “HasOffers”.

  4. In the Domain field, input "aspireiq"

Next, create an Ad Link in Branch.

  1. From within the Branch dashboard, click the Create button on the upper right-hand corner. Select "App Only: App Install or Engagement" if you want to track app installs. (Note: Branch allows some other options [see in Ad Link]. You are able to select another option but we recommend you only do so if you're very familiar with Ad Link functionality.)

  2. Second, you need to name your link. Select something that will make it easy to find if you need it later. Your Ad Format ("App Only") and Ad Partner ("HasOffers") should be pre-filled. Then, click on "Create Link Now."

  3. Now, Branch should give you a a URL that looks like: "[...]~click_id={transaction_id}". Ensure that {transaction_ID} is included in that link.

  4. You will input this URL into the AspireIQ Create Offer form.

Step 2: Create a Link Tracking Offer on Aspire

View our tutorial on how to "Create an Offer" here.

  1. Click Reporting > Sales Tracking

  2. Click Add Offer > Link Tracking Offer

  3. Enter a Name and Description

  4. Select your Conversion Type and Payout Options

  5. Select “Server Postback w/ Transaction ID” from the Conversion Tracking dropdown.

  6. Input the Branch URL, which should look like "[...]~click_id={transaction_id}" into the Offer URL Tracking field

  7. Click Create Offer and you're done! Now, you can generate links for your members and ask them to share out to their audience! When you go to your Sales Tracking dashboard, you will see clicks, conversions (aka app installs), and payout data for each member.

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