What are deep links?

Deep links are the common term for URLs that link directly to a page -- such as a product page -- rather than a general landing page.

For example:

When doing sale or conversion tracking, you may want to send customers to a specific product page. You are able to do this by creating deep links.

How can I set up my account to allow deep links?

Anyone can create a deep link, but in practice your community members (affiliates, creators, influencers) will create these.

First, reach out to your Implementation Manager or help@aspireiq.com to enable this feature on your offer. Deep links are enabled per offer. Once the AspireIQ team enables this feature, you and your members are able to create deep links.

How are deep links created?

When you generate a link for a member, the link will look like this, which is unique per member.


Add &url= to the end of the unique link so it looks like this:


From then on, you can grab any URL and paste it to the end of the above URL. For example, if I wanted to link to https://www.aspireiq.com/blog/new-tiktok-campaigns I would add that so the final tracking URL looks like this:


If I have other specific pages to link to, you can replace the URL with other links such as:



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