You may be using Commission Junction (CJ Affiliates) to run your company's overall affiliate program, but may wish to extend sales or affiliate tracking capabilities to your Ambassador program run on AspireIQ.

AspireIQ and CJ Affiliates are able to pass conversion data between each other for your Ambassadors.

How this works:

  • When a customer 1) clicks on an AspireIQ tracking link, the link 2) redirects to a CJ Affiliates tracking link before 3) redirecting to your brand's product page.

  • When a customer purchases, 1) CJ affiliates records that conversion and 2) sends that transaction data back to AspireIQ.

  • In the end, you will see your Ambassadors' click and sales data in AspireIQ Elevate, and also see them in CJ Affiliates. This can be helpful if you'd like to evaluate your company's overall affiliate program as a whole.


  1. Create your offer on CJ Affiliates and grab the tracking link. The link will look something like

  2. Set up your offer on AspireIQ, selecting "Server Postback with Transaction ID" as your tracking method.

  3. While setting up your offer, In "Offer URL Tracking", paste in your CJ tracking link with ?sid={transaction_id} appended to the end so it looks like{transaction_id}

  4. After you create your AspireIQ offer, you will receive a postback URL from AspireIQ that will look like

  5. Reach out to your CJ Affiliate account manager or admin to do the following:

  • They must place the postback URL ( into the CJ Affiliates offer for you

  • They must set up a sub ID on CJ Affiliates that pulls in the transaction_ID data point from AspireIQ.

Unfortunately, AspireIQ cannot configure CJ Affiliates settings for you, but we're happy to be a part of any conversion with your CJ Affiliates representative. Let us know at

Without the configuration on CJ Affiliates, AspireIQ will only be able to display clicks and not conversion or sales data.


  • There is a 1-2 hour delay from when data shows up in CJ Affiliates and when it will be communicated to AspireIQ.

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