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How do I import member data to Aspire?

By using our CSV upload feature, you can easily import member data to Aspire and integrate it with other data sources

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If you want to import your own data to Aspire and integrate it with other data sources, we provide a self-serve CSV upload feature that helps you easily finish the task!

Step 1: Go to Members > File > Upload

Step 2: Upload a CSV file

  • Please ensure that your CSV file meet the described criteria

  • If you are unsure of the format, click "Download our template" to jumpstart your file

Step 3: Review import

  • Please ensure that your file includes either an Email or ID (generated by our Export feature) fields, which will be used as the identifier to match data with the existing records in Members. If both Email and ID are imported, ID will be used as the identifier.

  • For any field in your CSV file you want to import, assign the corresponding field under "Import To" so it can match with the existing data field. Any unassigned fields will not be imported.

  • Make sure that the data type is aligned when assigning a field. For example, you may not be able to assign a free text field to a number field.

  • If you need to create a new field but not assign it to an existing field, you can open the dropdown and select "Import as a new field"

(Optional) Step 4: Assign imported people to a group, project, or owner

  • If your uploaded CSV file does not include a Group, Project, or Owner field, you may be able to use this feature to bulk assign.

Step 5: Review imported data and you're done!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you match data with existing records?

We match data based on ID (first priority; generated from Export) and Email (second priority). If we find the matched record, we will override the data with the imported one. If a record is not matched, it will be added as a new record.

2. Can I assign different projects/groups to people in the CSV file?

Yes. To do so, ensure that you include the field (projects, groups, etc) in the file. Please also make sure that the value in the file is identical to the actual name used on Aspire. For example, if you want to assign a person to an existing project ("Test Project"), the value in the file should be also "Test Project". This method can be used to import tags too!

3. Can I assign to a project/group that has not been created on Aspire yet?

No, you must create the project or group first.

4. Can I upload tags?

In order to upload tags, you must first create them within your Members tab. Once all the tags have been created, you can upload a CSV with a column for "Tags".

Example: US Influencer|No Response|Micro Influencer

5. What date format do you support?

We support most of the common date formats. However, if you encounter any issues, we recommend using either mm/dd/yyyy or yyyy/mm/dd.

6. How do I upload a list of influencers that I don't have emails for?

You'll need to assign a unique identifier to each influencer, such as their social handle or a numeric ID. Then, create a column on your CSV with the header "uid" and enter the unique identifier for each influencer.

7. How should I format the creator's social handles in my CSV?

  • For Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest, enter the creator's handle (no links or @ sign)

  • For Youtube and blogs, enter the full link to the creator's account

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