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Shopify Product Fulfillment Integration
Shopify Product Fulfillment Integration

An overview of our Shopify product fulfillment integration

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What it is & Why we built it

Simply put, we wanted to make your life easier. We know firsthand how time-consuming it can get when you have to switch between platforms and spreadsheets, so we challenged ourselves to create an integration that would save you valuable time and make your program more efficient and scalable.

How it Works

Once you connect your Shopify store to Aspire, you can add the "Product Fulfillment" stage to your project workflow to easily create gift orders for one or multiple creators.

Once you click "Create Orders", you'll see all of your beautiful products nicely organized with names, images, SKUs, and prices. All you have to do is pick which products you want to send to selected partners.

Need to send multiple products? No problem! You can easily adjust the quantity.

Send a customized message to let the creator know their product is on its way...

And SHAZAM β€” your products are in your partner's hands.

How other teams could benefit from these features:

  • Product development teams - these types of 1:1 relationships with real consumers are GOLD for product development teams, as they create a feedback channel. On top of that, the feedback comes from your partners who are in most cases, industry experts.

  • Product marketing teams - Similarly to product development teams, direct feedback from your industry expert partners is incredibly useful for quotes and product callouts.

πŸ“£ Pro Tip: Ask these teams to create surveys for you to send out to your partners after they try out your products for feedback and quotes!

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