In the past, in order to generate a promo code or tracking link for just one member, you had to jump around the platform from Project Workflow to Sales Tracking.

Now, we have sales tracking stages so you can seamlessly generate links or codes within Project Workflow! No longer do you need to remember and find the 5 people you need to generate a link for as you’re going through your workflow stages.

The steps below guide you to edit an existing project to add these sales tracking stages.

  1. Go to your Project Settings page and add a new stage. Make sure to move the stage to be in the order you want in your project before saving.

    1. If you have an existing “custom stage” for generating sales links or codes, add “Generate Promo Codes/Generate Sales Links” after the custom stage. Next, delete the custom stage. By editing the project in this order, you will ensure members in your custom stage automatically go into the sales tracking stage.

  2. Once you save this edit, go back to your Project and see the stage added.

    1. You may have members you want to add to this stage immediately. You can do this by selecting members in another stage and moving them to the appropriate sales tracking stage.

    2. If you don’t need to manually move anyone to the stage, members will automatically enter the stage when the steps before being finished.

  3. When you click on the stage (in this example: “Generate Promo Codes”), you will see an instruction to “set up offer”. You need to associate a sales tracking offer with the project. This enables the platform to know which commission, landing page, discounts, etc. to create the link or code for. Follow the instructions provided in the platform. You are able to create a new offer or associate an existing one.

  4. That’s it! Once you have done this, you’ve successfully migrated your old, fragmented sales tracking workflow to this upgraded one! You can select members, generate codes or links for them, and then email them out in these new stages.


  • If you’ve already created a code/link for a member, but added them to a stage, no worries! The platform will tell you a code/link exists and move the member to the next stage.

  • In order to pay commission on sales tracking offers, you need to do so on the Sales Tracking page. (More to come to improve this feature!)

  • In order to edit any links or codes (ie: you want to pause a link, or refresh the dates on a promo code), you must go to the Sales Tracking page.

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