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Shopify Product Fulfillment FAQs
Shopify Product Fulfillment FAQs

Common questions about our Shopify product fulfillment integration

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What is the overall purpose of enabling the Shopify integration on Aspire?

For our customers that are running influencer or ambassador programs, sending products at scale can be an often manual and painful process. Our Shopify integration provides the ability for marketing teams to easily create and track shipments of gifted products to influencers, ambassadors, affiliates, and more.

What permissions does the Shopify integration require?

We will request the following scopes:

  • read_orders

  • read_all_orders

  • write_orders

  • read_products

Please rest assured that we will not make changes to your existing orders in Shopify - we only create new orders.

What data will you access/store from my Shopify store?

Aspire has 3 main ways in which it reads data from your store.

First, we will fetch products in order to provide your team with an easy way to select what to ship, as well as inventory information so that we do not try to ship items for which there is insufficient inventory.

Second, once orders are created, we will refresh the order status periodically in Aspire so that your team can see which orders have been fulfilled and keep their partners up to date.

Finally, we will fetch shipment information so that your team is able to inform their partners about shipment status and tracking numbers. A sample dashboard is shown below of how we will display this information to your team:

How will orders be created?

Orders will be created using Shopify’s API based on your team’s input. We will only create orders when your team member goes through our order creation flow. As an example, your team will confirm on a page similar to the following prior to any orders being created:

Before you can create an order, there are a couple of requirements:

  1. The member must have a shipping address on their member profile

  2. At least one item must be selected when going through the order creation flow.

We use the following attributes when creating an order using the Shopify Integration:

  1. Member address and email to set the "shipping_address" and "email" for the order.

  2. For "inventory_behavior", we actually respect the inventory and inventory policy when trying to create the order. This means that the product's inventory decreases after the order is created, and a product cannot be selected if it’s out of stock.

  3. "financial_status" will be set to paid.

  4. Tags will be set to "AspireIQ" in case you want to specially process gifting orders

  5. A 100% discount code will be applied (ASPIREIQ_100).

A couple of notes here:

  • We don’t do anything regarding the "shipping_lines" attribute.

  • No shipping method will be selected.

  • If you want to add a custom tag for orders created in Aspire, please email us at so we can help set that up for you.

What data will be included in each order?

The following data will be sent along with each order:

  • Shipping address (Full Name, Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip, Country)

  • Email

  • Line items of what products to send

  • Notes (directly entered by your team)

Here's an example of what an order looks like within Shopify:

Will these orders impact my Shopify analytics?

While the total volume of gifting orders is likely to be low compared to your overall shop volume, these orders will show up in analytics and can impact metrics like total orders or average order value.

A few approaches can be taken to address this:

  • If the total volume of gifts is sufficiently small, the impact to analytics for your overall store my be small enough to just ignore the impact for now

  • Reconcile -- Aspire provides tracking for total orders and amounts, so it's possible to subtract gifting orders from your reports

  • Create a separate store -- You can create a new Shopify store, connect product information and fulfillment to it, and then Aspire can be linked to create orders in the new store. This offers the benefit of being the cleanest solution, giving you a completely isolated environment for gifted orders. On the flip side, there is more initial setup work and ongoing maintenance of having two stores. Automation exists to make this easier (e.g. syncing inventory across stores) and fulfillment softwares can typically be linked to multiple stores at once.

How do orders come through? Are there any returns?

Orders will come through as they normally would, but with a 100% off coupon code. Any returns will be processed however the brand normally handles returns.

Is all inventory made available or just select styles/products?

All inventory is available.

Does Aspire send a shipping confirmation to the influencer?

You can choose to send or not send the receipt, but shipping confirmation should go out the same as normal orders.

Why am I seeing a prompt to reconnect Shopify?

If you have the Creator Product Selection stage or the Product Fulfillment stage and the system detects some scope missing, it will prompt to reconnect. Make sure that all permissions mentioned in this guide are selected.

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