How to ask members to update data

Ask members for updated addresses, feedback, or anything else

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Keeping your data in pristine condition is a huge challenge for brands, especially as they start to scale their programs. To help with this, Aspire has built the "Info Update" feature.

The way it works is simple! You just pick what members or group you need info from, select what info you need updated, and then we'll send them all an email asking them to fill out a simple form.

Step 1 - Pick Members

Check off which members you want to ask for data from, or send to the whole group (just don't check any members). Then use the "Bulk Action" dropdown and click "Info Update".

Step 2 - Select Fields

Next, select which data fields you want members to populate for you. When members fill in this data, it will automatically overwrite what data you have on file for them.

Step 3 - Compose a Message

Write a friendly message to let members know what info you want and why. As data privacy is always a concern these days, it's important to be clear about what you plan to do with the members' info. For example, asking for an address in order to send them free products.

Pro Tip: While you can't send an info update request without the "Confirm my Information" link, you can edit the text on the link.

Step 4 - Record response dates

In some cases, you may want to record when members have filled in their information. For example, if asking for addresses to send gifts, in the future you may want to see all members that have updated this information in the past 60 days.

Aspire's info update feature allows you to optionally create a new column, or select an existing date column to store this information. Each time a member updates their info, this date will be updated.

If you do not need to store when members updated info, you can just click "Finish without Recording"

What do members see?

So that you have fully transparency into the process on your members' side, here's what they see.

  • First, they'll receive the email from your inbox, exactly as you write it in step 3.

  • If they click the link, they'll get a chance to fill in the info requested.

  • And finally, they'll receive a thank you after they submit their information.

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