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How to source, vet, and invite influencers to your project

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Written by Christine Santiago
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We know it can be a challenge to find influencers who not only match your brand voice but also have the metrics needed for a successful partnership. Luckily, we have 5 avenues you can take to find, vet, and invite influencers.

1) Discover New Creators: Invite influencers from our creator database.

2) Engage With Your Valuable Customers: Invite your brand fans and influential customers from Shopify.

3) Leverage Your Loyal Fans: Invite influencers who are already talking about you via Mention Listening.

4) Take An Inbound Approach: Share your application page to our best-in-class creator marketplace.

5) Reinvest In Your Tried and True: Upload a CSV of existing partners and rework with them!

You have found your perfect influencer! Now what? It’s time to collaborate with them by inviting or adding creators to your project!

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