Aspire created the world’s largest Creator Marketplace to directly connect brands and creators for quicker, seamless influencer discovery. Say goodbye to the time-consuming, manual work of searching for influencers for your campaign!

What is the Creator Marketplace?

The Aspire Creator Marketplace is a network of influencers and content creators who have signed up to Aspire and are looking for collaborations with brands.

Our marketplace is where brands can publish their campaigns and receive proposals from genuine fans, like influencers, ambassadors, and industry experts. It allows high-quality creators to apply directly to campaigns so brands can focus on cultivating authentic, long-term relationships.

How does the Creator Marketplace work?

With access to Aspire’s data-rich search engine, brands and creators can look for partnerships with ease. Our marketplace is free for creators and we never take a percentage of any payments sent to creators.

Brands can self-publish their campaigns immediately in the marketplace and watch hundreds of proposals from influencers roll in. They can set eligibility requirements such as follower count, engagement rate and location, and be able to sift quickly through creators who fit their campaigns best.

Creators can sign up here and will undergo an extensive review of all their social account/s. If they meet our platform requirements, they can easily browse through amazing campaigns and directly send applications to brands.

What are the benefits of the Creator Marketplace?

For Brands, the Creator Marketplace brings creators to them with time-saving, automated sourcing.

  1. No more manual searches

    Our awesome search engine and free inbound interest engine can save all the hours of manually searching for influencers. With self-published campaigns, brands can filter all content creators by setting up unique requirements for the highest quality proposals.

  2. Collaborate with true creative geniuses

    Our marketplace is a hub of untapped talent. Brands can connect with a diverse community of talented creators with varied backgrounds and audience demographics. They can choose from award-winning digital illustrators, athletes, musicians, moms, photographers, and other highly-engaged influencers to tell their brand story.

  3. Reach out to genuine fans of the brand

    Using the Creator Marketplace can help find influencers who are interested and authentically supports the brand. With our Social Listening tool, they can also discover creators who have mentioned their brand online and start building relationships with these brand advocates.

  4. Discover influencers built for high ROI

    Brands have access to our AI-powered search database that filters out inactive, suspicious and non-influential accounts, so they’re only sourcing influencers who pre-vetted for engagement and authenticity.

For Creators, the marketplace gives them access to a platform for collaborations with great brands.

  1. Streamlined partnerships with brands

    The Creator Marketplace allows creators to send applications to work with their favorite brands, negotiate a fair rate and get paid quickly. They can also communicate directly with campaign managers.

  2. Connect with brands for FREE

    Our platform is completely free for creators and we never take a pay cut made from creators.

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