How to Use Groups

An overview how to create new groups and best utilize them to organize your members

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In this article, you will learn how to use groups! Groups are created in order to organize your member database and "group" members together based on common interests, similarities, campaigns, etc. You can create a group for anything you want!

Check out this quick video to learn how to make a group, and keep reading to learn what else you can do with groups!

How do I add a creator to a Group?

Go to your Members tab and click on the box next to the member(s) you wish to add to a Group. Click Add to Group (the folder icon), then select the Group(s) you want to add this member to.

To remove somebody from a group, click on the box next to their name, click the folder icon and select "Remove from Group". Select the appropriate group, then click Remove.

How do I work with a member in a Group?

Once you have members in a Group, go to that specific Group, and click the box next to the member(s) you're interested in working with. Then, click Collaborate > Send Project Invitations to send these members your Invite Email with a link to view your application page.

Alternatively, you can bypass the invitation process and add members directly to a project by clicking Collaborate > Add to Project.

What else can I do with a Group?

You can use Groups to communicate with certain members in bulk by using the Compose button.

Or tag members in a group by selecting them, then clicking the tag icon.

Lastly, you can use Bulk Actions to send an Info Update message to collect information about your members, or create gift orders.

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