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What is the Affiliate Performance Dashboard?
What is the Affiliate Performance Dashboard?
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We recently launched a new feature that allows affiliates to track their promo code or link performance through our web dashboard! 🎉

In this dashboard, you can:

  • Find and copy the personal promo code or link associated with an offer

  • Review the commission structure for the offer

  • Check on the conversions you've driven and your expected commission

  • Review payments that a brand has made to you in relation to an offer you are a part of

How to access the Affiliate Performance Dashboard

You will not need to create an account to be able to access the dashboard. All you need to do is click on the link to their member dashboard, and you can access your data on that specific offer. If you are a part of multiple offers, you will be issued one dashboard link per offer to track your performance on all of those offers.

To find the link to your dashboard, simply view the email you received when the brand sent you your sales tracking offer details, then click View my performance stats. That will direct you to your dashboard.

Additionally, if your sales link and/or promo code was issued within a brand's project workflow, you should also be able to access your sales link and promo code details through the Creator Portal.

What metrics will be shown in the dashboard

You will see all data on Conversions, Sales Generated, Commission Earned, Total Paid to Date, Pending Payments, and Total Due related to your performance on an offer no matter how long ago it was created on Aspire.

  • Clicks: Total # of clicks on the member’s affiliate link that have occurred (this metric is not applicable to promo code offers)

  • Conversions: Total # of conversions that can be attributed to the affiliate link or promo code

  • Sales: Total $ amount of sales that can be attributed to the member via the promo code or their affiliate link (this will only appear if the commission payout for the offer includes a commission per sale)

  • Commission Earned: Total $ amount of commission that the member has earned

  • Total Paid to Date: Total $ amount of what the member has been paid to date for this offer

  • Pending Payments: Total $ amount of payments that are being processed right now to be sent to the member

  • Total Due: Total $ amount that the member is owed

Payment Transactions

In this section, an affiliate will find the following details:

  • Total amount paid to date

  • Payment status (could either be Processing or Sent to PayPal)

  • The link or code associated with the payment

  • Date the payment was processed

  • Payment amount

Members can click or tap on the > icon next to each payment transaction to get to a transaction detail page. This page contains the same top level details of the payment that the user can see on the portal home page and can also see the conversions that are covered by the payment.

Member Profile

The member profile page shows you what information the brand has about you. If you see anything incorrect, get in touch with your brand contact to get the data corrected.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write in to us at and we'd be happy to help! 😊

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