Affiliate Performance Dashboard

We recently launched a new feature that allows affiliates to track their promo code or link performance through a personal dashboard! 🎉

If you are running an affiliate campaign on Aspire, every influencer that has been given an affiliate link or Shopify promo code through our platform will now have access to view a personal dashboard that gives them visibility into:

  • Their link or code

  • A summary of their performance (Clicks, Sales, etc.)

  • Payments received and payments pending

  • Details about their payout policy (CPC, Commission, etc.)

See an overview of the performance affiliate dashboard.

Instagram Reels Tracking

Aspire now supports Instagram Reels as a post type when sending Terms! 🎉

What this means for brands:

  • You can select Instagram Reels as a post type when creating content guideline templates and sending Terms.

  • Video content will be automatically pulled into content library. However, this does not apply to Social Listening yet.

  • Reels performance metrics will appear in your analytics dashboard. Please note that currently, those performance metrics are limited to views, likes, and comments.

What this means for creators:

  • Creators can submit Instagram Reels links when Reel content is requested by brands.

See how to send collaboration terms for Instagram Reels.

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