We recently launched a new homepage analytics dashboard that displays a summary of all your project, social listening, and sales tracking data from the time you signed up with Aspire. 🎉


The Social section of this dashboard shows you data from all your projects, as well as data from Social Listening tags and mentions for Instagram. This includes Total Reach, Total Impressions, Engagements, Number of Posts, Number of Creators, Video Views, and Total Media Value .

📣 Pro Tip: Clicking on All Social Data will take you to your Social Analytics section, and clicking on All Content will re-direct you to your Content Library.

💡 If your Instagram is not connected to Aspire, you will not be seeing any data on this section. Instead, you will be prompted to connect your Instagram.


The Conversions section of this dashboard shows you data on all conversions attributed to Link Tracking Offers and Promo Code Offers you created in Aspire. This includes Total Sales, Total Conversions, and Number of Affiliates.

📣 Pro Tip: Clicking on All Sales will re-direct you to your Sales Tracking Dashboard.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at help@aspireiq.com and we'd be happy to help. 😊

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