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What is a Shared Inbox?

In Aspire Elevate, messaging relies on email. We've found that email is a more versatile messaging tool that allows you to communicate with creators both on and off the platform. However, this creates a certain challenge where only users that are included in the email thread can respond to a creator.

We recently launched a Shared Inbox feature that combines the flexibility of an email with the ease of use of chat, allowing all users of a brand’s account to seamlessly collaborate with creators without missing out on any emails. 🎉

We offer two options for connecting a shared inbox:

  1. Connect an existing shared email (recommended). This allows you to use an existing email that is shared amongst your team while retaining access to past emails with creators.

    Please note, this is just a normal email account that we treat as "shared". For example, or We are unable to support an alias or Outlook shared inbox at this time.

  2. Request a shared email through Aspire. You will get a new email address ending in However, since this is a new email, you will not have any access to past emails to creators.

How to Connect an Existing Shared Email

  1. Click your initials on the top right corner of Aspire, then select Integration Settings.

  2. If you are using an existing shared Gmail account, click Gmail on the left side, then click Connect.

    If you are using an existing shared Outlook account, click Outlook on the left side, then click Connect.

  3. Select Set up an existing email to be a Shared email, then click Continue.

  4. Select the shared email you want to use in Aspire.

  5. Check off all permissions then click Continue.

  6. If successful, you will be redirected back to Aspire and you will see the same success screen as below.

How to Request a Shared Email

If you do not currently have a shared email, you can request for a email address that's hosted in Gmail by writing in to

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are emails that are sent via shared inbox in Aspire also available outside Aspire through the standard email inbox (Google, Outlook)?
    Yes, emails sent via the shared inbox (both through existing email addresses or the new “” addresses) are accessible outside Aspire.

  2. When a brand requests a shared email, how will be the email named?
    We will use <brand-name> as a template for creating new emails.

  3. If the shared email gets unlinked, what is the process to re-link it?

    Very rarely, the shared email may get delinked from your account and will have to be re-linked. The process to re-link differs based on whether you used an existing shared email or a new “” email.

    1. For an existing shared email: Under User Profile, click Integration settings and go to your existing email client (Gmail or Outlook) and follow the steps to connect the email.

    2. For a new “” email: Contact support via intercom, mention that your shared account is delinked and request a new temporary password to connect to your account. Under User Profile, click Integration settings and relink your previous shared email using the new password.

  4. How do we differentiate what email address is shared or not?
    In the Inbox, shared emails will show up under the shared category on the left hand side menu.

    Also, if you click on the email in Integration Settings, there will be a header highlighting that an email is shared.

  5. What is the difference between a Shared Inbox and an Email Alias?

    An email alias is a forwarding email address that an admin adds to a user's primary email address. Messages sent to the email alias automatically route to the user's primary email account's inbox.

  6. Does Shared Inbox support an email alias?
    No, we do not currently support email alias for either shared or individual email accounts.

  7. What happens when an individual email account is connected as shared or visa-versa?

    "Shared" is an Aspire Elevate construct and therefore any Gmail or Outlook email can become a shared Elevate email. That means that the behavior in Elevate is dependent on how the email account was set up in Elevate and not how it was set up on Google or Outlook.

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