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How to send collaboration terms in bulk
How to send collaboration terms in bulk

This article explains how to send terms to multiple members at once.

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We recently launched a new feature that allows you to send Terms in bulk! 🎉

Below are instructions on how to send collab terms to multiple creators at once.

  1. Go to the “Send Terms” stage of your project.

  2. Select the members you would like to send Terms to.

  3. Add the post types you will be requiring, then click Collaboration Details.

  4. Review and edit your Content Guidelines as necessary, and set content approval and submission dates. We recommend adding a 1-2 week buffer to account for any shipping delays.

  5. Set compensation, content usage rights, and allowlisting permissions (if any). Once done, click on Review & Set Offers.

  6. Review the offers per influencer. This step is also where you can edit payment per member you're sending Terms to. If a member is missing a valid social account for the post types you are requiring, they will not be sent Terms for that social account. Once done, click Write Message.

  7. Optional: Edit the personalized email you want to send out to the members you're sending Terms to, then click Send Terms.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at and we'd be happy to help! 😊

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