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Creating Gift Orders
Shopify Creator Product Selection
Shopify Creator Product Selection
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What it is and why we built it

This solution introduces a whole new experience for the Creator to be able to select the items they need for the campaign with all variants. This selection needs to be reviewed by brands and approved of getting processed.

How it works

Once you connect your Shopify store to Aspire, you can add the "Creator Product Selection" stage to your project workflow to easily create gift orders for one or multiple creators.

Once the new Creator Product Selection project stage is added, you will see a new series of worklets added to your project workflow. From the "Send Order Request" stage, you can set up your catalog:

When setting up your catalog, you have the option to limit the products to specific Tags, as defined by Shopify. In addition, you can set the maximum number of items and values. Don’t want to limit your creators? No problem, simply leave these fields blank for unlimited options.

After your catalog is set up, you can send order requests in bulk for all creators in this step and wait for creators to respond. Once the creator selects their product and submits their request, they will move to the “Review Order Request” stage where you can review each creator's items and total value and make a decision.

You have three options in this step:

  1. Accept the request as is, and the order processing starts when you accept it. As you accept the request, an email notification is sent to the creator.

  2. Edit the existing order request, notify the creators, and accept. When you edit the order request, you can change the quantity, remove a product, or add a new product. As you accept the request, an email notification is sent to the creator.

  3. Reject the order and notify the creator. When you reject the order, the creator moves back to the previous step to submit a new order.

Once the order is accepted, processing the order will start! The creator will move from “Processing Order” to “Product in Transit” automatically once shipping begins.

And SHAZAM — your products are in your partner's hands. 🎉

Frequently Asked Questions

If a user makes a new Tag or updates a Tag, does that come through automatically or do they need to re-auth the Shopify integration?

No need to reconnect - you’ll just have to edit your catalog. The creator will see any changes as long as it’s before they make a selection.

Do Tags support Thumbnail or Images?

No, when you select the Tag, Aspire doesn’t receive a thumbnail image, so there is no need to consider any image settings.

Why should the Tags be on the Project level?

The Shopify Tag restriction and selection will be project-based. In some cases, customers have a few projects which each focus on one or few Tags (e.g. a project for BlackFriday only focuses on items with that Tag while another project only focuses on new arrival items.).

Can you bulk action on “Creator Product Request”?

No, we currently only support individual approval or rejection, but in the future, we will add this as a functionality.

Does the brand have the option to send products manually and send the request for the creator to select the products simultaneously?

Yes, since this stage is added via project creation, you technically can have both stages in a single project, but this is not recommended.

Is the ‘Confirm Address’ stage still needed?

Not anymore! We already request an address update from the creator when selecting their product.

What happens if the creator inputs an unauthorized address?

Currently, Aspire doesn’t validate the address given, so the order won’t ship and will return as an error message.

What happens if Shopify can’t process the order request?

You will see a display error telling you the order couldn't be approved.

Does inventory quantity validation happen while the creator is in the middle of adding an item to the basket?

No, when the creator wants to submit an order, the number of items in the basket isn’t verified against your inventory. If an item is out of stock, during the approval process, you can decide to reject to update/approve the order.

Can you set limits per creator?

Currently, limits can’t be set per creator.

Can the max product limit be overridden when finalizing order?

Yes, you can add more or take away as needed to adjust the order.

Why are creators unable to see any products to select?

We recommend confirming you have tagged those products in your Shopify store and properly applied the tag by clicking "Save" after applying the tag to each product.

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