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How to Reconnect Instagram on Aspire
How to Reconnect Instagram on Aspire

This is a quick guide on how to reconnect your Instagram account if it gets disconnected from Aspire

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Here is a quick loom on how to reconnect your brand's Instagram on Aspire followed by a written guide for your reference.

Go to the Instagram (Meta) settings page and click "Reconnect" next to the account that has been disconnected and we will attempt to connect your account again.

If you're unable to reconnect, please follow the steps below to remove the Aspire app from your Business Integrations within Facebook, then try again.

  1. Log into Facebook, then click your profile photo in the top right corner.

  2. Click on Settings and Privacy.

  3. Click on Settings.

  4. Click on Apps and Websites or Business Integrations from the left menu.

  5. Find the “AspireIQ” app.

  6. Click Remove and confirm the removal.

  7. Go back to your Aspire account and click "Add Meta Account" to reconnect your accounts.

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