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Benefits of linking to Atlas

Many teams have a Confluence page to show what their team is working on. If you're using Jira, you might be familiar with the Jira issue macro or Smart Links. Just pasting a link to a Jira issue on a Confluence page allows you to see the issue's name and its current status. Atlas has the same easy integration!

You'll be able to show Atlas goals/project names and statuses on a Confluence page. Some teams like sections underneath links where they can provide additional information, but since you've already created a great project homepage in Atlas, you won't need to do that! A compact display option might be to put links in a table (or even in-line in a sentence) in Confluence, and interested people can click through to your project's page in Atlas. The status is shown in Confluence next to the project name, and clicking the name shows you the project's status feed.

Using Atlas in Confluence

Adding links

Here's how to add links from Confluence to Atlas in 3 easy steps:

  1. Copy the Atlas project URL (either from the browser URL or from Atlas's Share button)

  2. Paste the link onto your Confluence page

  3. That was it! It didn't even take 3 steps - give yourself a pat on the back

Link permission

Smart links do check to make sure that the person viewing the page has access to what's being linked. If you paste the URL on a Confluence page that isn't part of the instance you've got Atlas on, then someone else on that Confluence might just see the URL rather than the project or goal name if they don't have permission to view it in Atlas. This keeps people from accidentally seeing information they don't have access to. Handy!

BUT WAIT there's more!

Let's say you're in a hurry and you don't want to link multiple projects one at a time. And we know your stakeholders are in a hurry - you want to present them with the information they need with the least amount of clicks. Plus, you want to wow them with your Confluence page skills! Let's do that:

  1. In Atlas, Label the projects you're interested in putting on your page if you haven't already labeled them

  2. Click the label in Atlas to go to the label page

  3. Copy the label page's URL. Paste it on your Confluence page.

  4. Click the smart link to modify it, and switch from the default "Display as link" to "Display embed"


Go out and get yourself a nice treat with all the time you just saved yourself and your stakeholders




For further discussion on this topic, join this forum on our Atlas Community:

Using Confluence in Atlas

You can easily paste and automatically display Confluence links in Atlas in updates, comments, project and goal about sections or just about anywhere really!

You can also embed the actual contents of a Confluence page in Atlas, which is handy if you want to add additional context in project or goal about sections:

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