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Posted on behalf of Claire Maynard - Marketing lead in Point A

Hi everyone!

I’m Claire Maynard, I lead marketing for our newly formed Point A group, here at Atlassian.

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The people on my team are responsible for the GTM strategy of the new products we launch, which if you’ve ever launched a new product or been part of a startup, you know GTM is just one small part of the many moving pieces required to envision, build and ship a new product. It’s a hectic job to say the least!

Atlas has been a godsend for me as a marketing leader, because I need to not only be across 4 constantly changing new products (and counting!), I am responsible for helping my team members plug into the shared marketing operations within our GTM org, from monetization to e-mail operations to web development.

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It’s no small task; just ask my dog who is getting much fewer walks since I’ve taken on this role.


But hopefully you all think it is worth it as we’re very proud of the new products we are bringing to market.

So to expand on what I previewed in my Team 21 Power Session, Thrive like a hive: Elevate business team performance, I thought I’d share a deeper dive into how I use Atlas to scale my leadership by:

  • Curating a personalized feed of updates so that I don’t have to attend 10+ teams weekly status meetings

  • Teaching my team members how to effectively communicate progress with fewer characters and more videos, screenshots and insightful charts

  • Ensuring everyone on my team starts with why, what a clear definition of success when starting a project

  • Directly communicating how our Point A projects contribute to company outcomes to enable the leaders I report into to make fully-informed decisions on how shared resources will get allocated

  • Using my time more efficiently by deflecting requests for one-off reports with Atlas label-powered reports (and easy embeds in Confluence!)

  • Never having to nag my team again to write or read updates, because Atlas automates all the reminders for me!

  • And most importantly how we’re showing off how much fun our distributed team is having together in quarantine, painting watercolor beach scenes and sipping mai tais, even when most of us have never met in person!

Thanks so much for being part of our Point A early adopter community. We couldn’t do it all without your feedback and encouragement! We’re always learning so, I’d love to hear your go-to team rituals for scaling your leadership too!


For further discussion on this topic, join this forum on our Atlas Community: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Team-Central/How-our-Marketing-Team-uses-Team-Central/ba-p/1683918

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