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Embed project and goal reports in other products
Embed project and goal reports in other products

Your guide for how to embed Atlas content in other products using some of our integrations.

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Atlas allows you to embed information into other products. This can be useful to help connect outsiders with your work, share additional context for a discussion or create ad-hoc reports.

Here is a guide of what you can do:

In Jira and Confluence Cloud

By simply copy and pasting most links to projects, goals and tags in your browser and pasting them in a Jira issue description, comment or in a Confluence page or comment.

What & Why


What it looks like

What? Embed an inline reference to a project or goal.

Why? Useful to reference your project/goal in conversation or content so that others can subscribe or get more context on your project and goal briefs.

Copy the link to the project or goal and paste it in another product

What? Embed the latest update from a project or goal

Why? Create ad-hoc reports

Similar to above, copy and paste the link to a project or goal in another product. After doing that, click on the embedded card and select "display as embed"

Will then embed the latest status:

What? Embed the About tab from a project or goal

Why? Share context of work easily

Same as above.

What? Embed a tag

Why? Great for program/initiative/team reporting, it shows all the related projects and goals for a particular tag

Copy the link to a tag from Atlas and paste it in another product.

After selecting display embed:

In Trello

Similar to above, in Atlassian Trello you can paste a link on the front of a card to convert the whole card into an Atlas Smart card or reference Atlas links within the card description or comments.

Clicking "preview" from the card front shows you the latest project, goal or tags updates right from within Trello.

Pasting links to projects or goals on Trello Cards

In Slack

Similar to the links above, pasting most of those links in Slack will also display the corresponding embed. You can also subscribe projects and goals to channels, receive weekly reminders and digests for projects and goals you are following. You will need to have the Atlas Slack app installed.

In Microsoft Teams

Similar to above. In addition, you can also post your project update right from within MS Teams. Get the Atlas Microsoft Teams App.

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