So you’ve created an Atlas project (or goal) to start sharing status with stakeholders, but some of them haven’t jumped in to follow in Atlas yet. Or they prefer to have daily communication via Slack. Or you might want to share these updates in your team’s channel, so they can see how the work is being broadcasted.

Have you ever thought, “it’d be nice if I could also post my update in Slack, without extra work?

Well, you can with our Atlas for Slack app!

What does it do?

Once an Atlas project or goal has been connected to a Slack channel, future updates will be automatically shared to that and any other connected channels. This makes it easy to keep all your stakeholders in-the-know by automatically sharing any new updates (as you post them) in the Slack channels they are already in. It's a win/win.

But, that's not all

Additionally, the Atlas for Slack app will send automated reminders and digests directly to owners and followers in Slack, display rich previews of Atlas links and offering tips for maintaining project hygiene.

Here’s how to set it up

Once you have the app installed in your Slack workspace, there are 3 ways you can connect an Atlas project to a Slack channel:

1. Paste a link to a project or goal in a Slack channel

2. Use the /atlas connect command in Slack

The /atlas connect command will prompt options to Connect projects, goals or manage existing connections.

Alternatively, using the /atlas connect <project-URL> shortcut will directly link your Atlas project with Slack.

3. Add a Slack channel from your follower list in Atlas

You can also connect to a Slack channel from any project or goal by opening the follower list. You can add individual followers here or at the bottom, you’ll see the option to Connect Slack channel.

But, what about Microsoft Teams?

We also have an Atlas for Microsoft Teams app, which we enable this feature for soon. If you have any feedback regarding our current chat app integrations, we’d love to hear from you! Please reach out via the message bubble in the bottom right of Atlas.

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