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How to use Atlas with Slack

How to automatically post updates from Atlas to Slack channels, and invite members from Slack channels to Atlas.

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So you’ve created an Atlas project or goal to start sharing updates with stakeholders, but some of them haven’t jumped in to follow in Atlas yet. Or they prefer to have daily communication via Slack. Or you might want to share these updates in your team’s channel, so they can see how the work is being broadcasted.

Have you ever thought, “it'd be nice if I can share all my Atlas updates to Slack, without extra work?

Well, you can with our Atlas for Slack app!

How to connect projects, goals and topics to Slack channels

Once an Atlas project, goal, or topic has been connected to a Slack channel, future updates will be automatically shared with that and any other connected channels. This makes it easy to keep all your stakeholders in-the-know by automatically sharing any new updates (as you post them) in the Slack channels they are already in. It's a win/win.

Connect individual projects and goals or connect many at once with a topic. A connected topic will send updates from all currently tagged projects and goals. When you add or remove projects and goals from a linked topic the app will automatically update the connection.

The Atlas for Slack app will also send automated reminders and digests directly to owners and followers in Slack, display rich previews of Atlas links and offer tips for maintaining project hygiene.

How to invite users to Atlas from Slack channels

If you share a link to a project or goal from Atlas to a Slack channel, you'll be notified which users in the channel don't have access to Atlas. You’ll be prompted to invite these members to join your Atlas workspace.

Please note you will only see invite prompts in Slack channels with up to 50 members in them.

How to set it up

Once you have the app installed in your Slack workspace, there are 3 ways you can connect an Atlas project, goal, or topic to a Slack channel:

1. Paste a link to a project, goal, or topic in a Slack channel

After the link unfurls, select Manage connected <projects/goals/topics>.

This will open the Manage connections dialog. Click on the green Connect <project/goal/topic> and find the one you'd like to connect.

2. Use the /atlas connect command in Slack

The /atlas connect command will prompt options to Connect projects, goals or manage existing connections.

Alternatively, using the /atlas connect <URL> shortcut will directly link your Atlas project with Slack.

You can add multiple projects, goals, and topics to the same Slack channel so you can share all of your team’s progress in one place.

3. Add a Slack channel from Atlas

You can also connect any project, goal, or topic to Slack from Atlas.

For projects and goal click Share then Connect to chat.

For topics click on Followers at the top right of the topic page

Then Connect to chat

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