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How to form a new team in your organization
How to form a new team in your organization

A self-facilitated workshop designed to help newly formed teams build shared understanding, align on goals and expectations.

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Forming a new Team? Here is a guide. The Team Formation Guide helps teams of all types:

  • Have a better understanding of who your teammates are

  • Gain more clarity of why your team exists and what you’re trying to achieve

  • Create a written artefact that captures your team on a page that will help you work more effectively together

You’re in the right place if your team is experiencing some (or all) of the following:

  • Newly formed team post re-org

  • The team doesn’t yet know how to work together

  • The team has recently undergone a big shift in strategy or purpose

  • Recently hired new 's who need help onboarding to the team and the work

What type of team are you?

There are good formation activities for any team (included in Team Formation) and there are some activities that are more necessary than others, for certain types of teams (e.g. Decision Making is more important for a leadership or cross-department team to align on, compared to a project team)

Leadership team

Team-of-teams / Cross-departement team

Ops / product / engineering

Team or triad responsible for managing multiple teams

A representative group of people from multiple teams, that need to work together

A team on the ground, responsible for execution and GSD

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