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Plan upgrades and downgrades explained
Plan upgrades and downgrades explained

How to and what happens when you upgrade or downgrade plans

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Upgrading to a paid plan

Here's how to upgrade from the Free to the Standard or Premium plan.

From the pricing page

Head over to Atlas’s pricing page on the Atlassian website and pick the plan you’d like to try free–no credit card required.

From the product

While only Site admins can upgrade a Workspace to a paid plan, any users can request an admin to start a free trial of a paid plan. ✨

For example, let's assume your Workspace is subscribed to the free plan. If you'd like to create a private project–a paid feature available on the Standard plan–you'll see the option to upgrade.

If you choose to upgrade, you'll see a modal that is customized based on your permissions:

What Site admins see

What every other user sees

How long is the trial period?

The Trial period varies per plan. You get a 14-day trial period for the Standard plan and a 30-day period for the Premium plan

NOTE: If for some reason, you’re unsatisfied with Atlas, we offer a refund within 30 days after your trial period expires (for monthly subscriptions only), no questions asked. See how to request a refund.

You can also upgrade directly from the ⚙️ Settings menu in Atlas.

From Atlassian Admin

Site admins can also upgrade from their Billing settings in Atlassian Admin.

Downgrading from a paid plan to the free plan

Only Site admins can downgrade plans from Atlassian Admin or by contacting support.

If you downgrade to the Free plan, you will no longer have access to paid features:

Private projects

  • You will not be able to create new private projects after downgrading

  • Any private projects created prior to downgrading will remain private...we've got your back!

  • Users with access can still edit and post updates to those projects

Goal scoring

  • You will no longer be able to score goals or see historical scores

  • If you upgrade to the Standard or Premium plan in the future, any scores previously assigned prior to downgrading will be visible again

Audit logs

  • You will no longer have access to Audit logs, however, events will continue to be logged

  • If you upgrade to a paid plan in the future you will see events from the past 180 days

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